"Boxer: An Illustrated Album Zine" is a collection of illustrations inspired by the themes and lyrics of the 2007 music album of the same name by American band, The National. 

Any lyrics quoted in the zine remain the intellectual property of their rightful owners, and no copyright infringement of their work is intended. 

About the creator 
Hi there! my name is Yolande and i'm a graphic designer by day and illustrator by night. I love music, art, and coffee (and flowers, haha National fans get it). You can find me @oshvns on twitter and instagram! 

About the organisations:
15% of sales from any item purchased will go to Oogachaga (purchase made from Singapore) and The Loveland Foundation (purchases made from Rest of World). Do consider supporting these organisations if their cause resonates with you.

About Oogachaga
Oogachaga is a non-profit organisation that works with LGBTQ+ individuals, providing counselling and support services, as well as engaging with community partners to develop fulfilling life experiences between individuals and communities of all sexual orientations and genders in Singapore. (Read more about Oogachaga here)

About The Loveland Foundation
The Loveland Foundation works on providing therapy support to communities of colour, with a focus on Black women and girls. They provide financial support to lower the barriers of access to therapy, as well as fellowships, residency programs, listening tours to contribute to the empowerment and the liberation of the communities they serve. (Read more about The Loveland Foundation here)

To find out more on how payment will be used for donation to these organisations, please click here.